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I am a textile and jewellery designer/maker based just outside London. Illustration, embroidery, nature, seasons, colour and embellishment are key focuses within my work. I use a wide range of materials including shells, sea glass, thread, fibres, fabric, photographs and small beads. I combine techniques such as stitch, embellishment, drilling and photography. If you have any special requests, please contact me for more information, or visit my website: www.bysally.co.uk.

Friday, 26 August 2011

Inspiral Silver: Folksy Friday :: Feeling Autumnal

Autumn is definitely on the way... but I'm not packing my flip flops away just yet! Had my Autumn leaf coasters featured on a Folksy Blog today from a fellow Sally :)

Inspiral Silver: Folksy Friday :: Feeling Autumnal: Today’s Folksy Friday is inspired by the yucky weather we currently have in my part of the world. It feels like Autumn, and so that’s my the...

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